Private Equity Risk

Private Equity Risk

Our Private Equity Risk Difference

When it comes to private equity consulting we have a comprehensive program to assist our clients. We take the necessary steps to fully understand the aspects of risks, even those hidden outside of plain sight.

Thanks in part to our reputation for client service, we are recognized among the leading privately held brokerage firms nationwide. Helping our clients through both the renewal process and ongoing risk management practices are equally important.

Solutions We Provide

Cost-of-Risk Analysis

A comprehensive assessment of your company’s overall cost of risk to identify gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities.

Qualitative Review of Insurance Programs

A review of your insurance programs in place, which includes monitoring insurance company financial security and strength, plus notes for any insurance requirements that should be attempted to be put into sale agreements for oldco (i.e. tail/runoff coverage; discontinued operations, and more.)

Loss Analysis

A complete analysis that reviews claims frequency and severity, trends in claims history, pending litigation claims, and open claims that will impact future insurance costs.

Non-Insurance Risk Management Analysis

A comprehensive review and analysis of contractual risk transfer, workplace safety/risk control, contingency planning, and other potential risks hidden in existing contracts.

Employee Benefits Review

A critical review of your employee benefits program to identify funding style, assess potential risks, measure competitiveness, and gauge employee cost sharing against averages.

Execution Plan for Closing

A comprehensive roadmap to ensure a smooth transition during the M&A process.

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