Executive Session Video featuring Tony Ibarguen

Simkiss & Block is excited to introduce another edition of Executive Session featuring CEO of Quench, Tony Ibarguen.

Tony and Simkiss & Block CEO Brian Block sit down to discuss the recent expansion of Quench into new territories and considerations that come with being a CEO of a growing company.

Having recently expanded into new geographies and growing by acquisitions, Quench faces some unique challenges of having to integrate new teams in new regions. “We’re building platforms that are intended to grow,” remarks Tony. One of the key ways Quench has successfully done this is by maintaining a strong management team, lead by Tony, “who are equally committed to the mission and what we are trying to accomplish.”

Additionally, as Quench expands its market share, they remain very committed to making a positive impact in all regions in which they do business. Giving back to the community has become ingrained in the company culture that Tony has maintained. They have even translated the importance of giving back to the community into an adjective—Quenchy—which means, “going above and beyond…not just for customers but for each other.”

View the full-length video to hear more from Tony about the culture and impact that Quench is building.



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