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Personal Indemnification Agreements for Directors & Officers


Although D&O insurance is important for protecting directors’ and officers’ personal assets, it is often an individual insured’s last line of defense. For most directors and officers, state statutory protections, corporate bylaws/ indemnification provisions and/ or individual indemnification agreements will provide the first line of defense. Only if these protections fail would a director or officer need to turn to D&O insurance for personal asset protection. In order to be fully protected, individual directors and officers need all of these protections to work together – while indemnification rights and D&O insurance both play key roles in protecting insured persons, neither provides complete coverage on its own.

Statutory protections are well-established and followed closely by securities counsel, and bylaws exist in every company even though the breadth of director indemnification can vary widely and change over time. A topic which we see becoming increasingly popular among those who serve on Boards of Directors is the request for a Personal Indemnification Agreement, to specifically detail the scope and breadth of the company’s indemnification duties to the individual. Among the questions that we suggest a Personal Indemnification Agreement answer are:

  • Is the corporation’s obligation to advance legal fees nondiscretionary?
  • Does the obligation to advance legal fees last until the final resolution of all litigation?
  • Has the actual process and procedure for the advancement of legal fees been specified in detail? (ask us about the Homestore, Inc. case)
  • Does the agreement set forth the procedure for choosing defense counsel for the directors and officers?
  • Is there a clearly stated presumption in favor of the right to indemnification?
  • Is the agreement designed to remain in effect so long as there may be any liability resulting from having been an officer or
  • director of the corporation?

The Management Liability practice group of The Simkiss Companies can arrange a broad array of state of the art protections for public and private companies and the individuals who serve on their Boards.

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