Court Bonds

In addition to our well known expertise in commercial and contract surety, Simkiss & Block has distinguished ourselves as a preeminent provider of supersedeas and other court bonds throughout the nation.

Our many years of experience in the surety business affords us expertise and efficiency in the negotiation of large court bond needs for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Among the types of bonds we can obtain include:

  • Supersedeas/Appeal
  • Replevin
  • Discharge of Attachment
  • Discharge of Injunction
  • Discharge of Lien
  • Stay of Execution
  • Release of Garnishment
  • Condemnation 
  • Trustee/Receivership

We maintain strong and deep relationships, on both a local and home office level, with the largest commercial surety companies in the world. Our broad market representation, combined with our attention to detail and customer satisfaction, has enabled us to develop valued partnerships with many national companies.

Our client roster includes publicly and privately owned companies of all sizes and spanning all industries. We have obtained these clients on the basis of our expertise, creativity and service that other brokers could not match in this highly specialized niche. We recognize that no two bond needs are the same and every solution needs to be customized to the specifics of the client and their particular situation. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to our clients’ needs, and make use of state of the art technology to help us do so. We utilize a web-based system through which we process and track each bond, and are able to provide electronic bonding where allowed by obligees. We can provide powerful and customized data to our clients about their surety programs in real time.