Client Representation Philosophy

Simkiss & Block is one of the deepest independent insurance and surety brokerage firms in the country, with strong and powerful relationships with the largest commercial insurers and surety companies in the world. This broad market representation, combined with our attention to detail and customer satisfaction, makes for a combination that has enabled us to help companies of all sizes for over 40 years. Our firm serves a full range of clients, from privately held organizations to publicly traded firms.

We pride ourselves on combining technical expertise with powerful insurance company relationships at the highest levels to deliver world-class solutions for our clients. Our goal is to offer you educated guidance, so that we can put options and information in your hands, allowing you to make informed decisions in consultation with our professionals on the most appropriate program for your organization based on the current market conditions.

One of the cornerstones of our firm's success for our clients is the philosophy we adhere to regarding how a broker should represent its clients. We believe each business should appoint one firm as their designated risk management broker to represent them on a given foray into the marketplace. The broker that brings your account into the market should be the best-versed professional to represent you and your best interests. A broker who holds detailed knowledge of your underwriting profile best serves you when negotiating with multiple insurance carriers. This inspires confidence with underwriters in that they are able to accurately measure the real risk associated with your business, and therefore take a more aggressive response to the specifications presented by the broker. The property and casualty insurance process does not allow multiple brokers to approach the same carrier for the same renewal. Thus, having a single dedicated voice in the marketplace is critical if a client is to obtain the most preferred version of what the various insurers have to offer. Underwriters react more responsively and aggressively to brokers who demonstrate complete account knowledge, as well as the demonstrated ability to speak on the client's behalf. The point at which various proposals are made available to the client for consideration is a prime opportunity for your broker to provide some of their greatest value to a client. We believe the broker should be sitting next to the client during these critical moments, not across from the client.

The concept of analyzing a variety of competitive options is one that we fully appreciate and support. While some buyers have long believed that the only way to make such an evaluation is to generate a "competitive process" by sending multiple brokers into the marketplace for a given placement, our experience tells us that the opposite is true and that, for the reasons noted above, having multiple representatives for a given placement actually decreases, rather than increases, the range and quality of offers presented to the client. Without question, competition is a good thing, and our professional opinion and experience is that this competition is most effectively carried out for you by one chosen broker quarterbacking this process on your behalf, and bringing you market feedback that allows you to make a decision based on price, terms, carrier strength, carrier resources, etc.

Ongoing communication with our clients is at the core of our approach towards properly structuring insurance and surety programs. In addition to providing estimated renewal terms 60 to 90 days in advance of renewal dates, we share market condition articles, industry specific publications, and our view of trends, etc. throughout the year. In this communicative manner our clients are not surprised by changes in coverage and pricing that may be on the horizon.

We look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how Simkiss & Block may be able to assist you with your insurance and other related needs.