Claims Review Services

We can assist you in evaluating the claims services provided by your broker and insurance carrier/claims administrator. We can also help you track existing claims, evaluate alternative proposed courses of action on claims as presented by adjusters, and help you review claims before presenting them to your carrier. This last point is extremely valuable and one we advocate with all clients. In many cases, it is easiest to just report a claim to your own insurer but claims drive up premium costs in future years and you retain the first portion of every claim on many of your policies through retentions/deductibles so claims have a very real, current cash and earning impact. We recommend pre-reporting evaluations so that it can be determined whether there is another, more responsible party to whom this claim can be deflected by means of a contractual obligation to protect/indemnify you against these risks. Claims which can successfully be reported to another party’s liability insurer rather than yours have both quantitative and qualitative benefits to your insurance program and relationship with your carriers, as noted in our comments on contractual risk transfer.